DaTakeOver Podcast

Episode 96- Raw Dizzy

Raw Dizzy visits DaTakeOver to share perspective on unity in NOLA, his experience with Young Money, and mentions two new projects on the way!

Influenced by Mystikal, Soulja Slim, Fiend and other NOLA legends, Raw Dizzy never looked back after he started rapping in his hood, which led him to connecting with Lil Wayne and more!

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Episode 95 -Kidd Kidd

Kidd Kidd visits DaTakeOver to share his rise to popularity and plans for upcoming music. We learn how he started rhyming on his block for friends and later earned the likes of Lil Wayne and 50 Cent. The Kidd drops gems on earning respect, understanding the business aspects of the music industry and much more!

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Episode 94-Dinero & EBB Gunna

Dinero and EBB Gunna visit DaTakeOver to discuss their new EP entitled Without Warning. We learn the creative process and meaning behind the title.

The duo shares their thoughts on established artists supporting upcoming talent, unity in NOLA, and understanding recording contracts.

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Episode 93-DH Next UP

DH Next Up visits DaTakeOver to discuss industry politics, rap competition, and the street musical, Grimey Ways. DH shares the importance of visuals that compliment music, and how bloggers highlight upcoming talent in NOLA.

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Episode 92 -DJ Kelly Green

DJ Kelly Green visits DaTakeOver to share her beginnings as a musician and transition into a competitive DJ! Influenced by B.O.B., Curren$y, Alchemist and many others, Green takes hold of turntables at age 14 and never looks back!

We learn of DJ Kelly Green’s obstacles as a female in the music industry, and how she challenges other DJ’s to stay competitive and creative!

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Episode 91 -Y.LUCK

Y.LUCK visits DaTakeOver and shares his story on how he evolved as a rapper and became an entrepreneur, drops gems on artists owning their music, and the importance of trustworthy management in the music business.

We learn how Y.LUCK landed performances with his first solo song ever recorded, and how he founded the Rap Pack. His determination helped him launch his clothing brand, No More Luck, and he eludes to new music on the horizon!

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Check out episode 91 for the full exclusive interview!

Episode 90-THEDO & MAQ/ Swerve Musik

Thedo and MAQ discuss the current racial divide in our country, J. Cole’s latest single, and share advice for upcoming artists with @SwerveMusik. Both share their thoughts on the Super Bowl boycott, and importance for native NOLA artists to embrace and protect our sound and culture! 

Episode 89-Monsta Beatz

Monsta Beatz visits DaTakeOver to discuss their musical journey. We learn how their dedication helped them land collaborations with Lil Wayne, Nipsey Hussle, Migos, Curren$y and more!

The production duo credits Dr. Dre, Timbaland, the Neptunes, Mannie Fresh, and KLC as musical influences that helped them develop their sound!

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Episode 88-Partners-N-Crime

Partners-N-Crime visits DaTakeOver for an epic and memorable interview. We learn about the early days of the legendary duo’s rise to popularity, local rap feuds, their influence on the drug culture, and how PNC has lasted for 27 years!

Check out episode 88 for the full exclusive interview!

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Episode 87 -Thedo and MAQ

Thedo and MAQ return to DaTakeOver to raise the bar for 2019! They reflect on the state of NOLA’s hip-hop scene, personal growth, and future aspirations.


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Episode 86-Sleazy EZ: Don’t Be a DUMMY!

Sleazy EZ returns to DaTakeOver to discuss her new project entitled Don’t Be A DUMMY! Sleaz breaks down the science behind her content and drops gems on unity in the NOLA music scene. She also provides a history lesson on Mark Essex, discusses mental health, and the racial divide in America.

Listen to our full exclusive interview for more on Sleazy EZ and her upcoming release, Don’t Be A DUMMY!

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Episode 85 -Chad Conquering Lion revisits DaTakeOver

Chad Conquering Lion revisits DaTakeOver to discuss his highly anticipated album entitled Bane, and the creative process around his follow up to Subzero. Chad channeled and drew inspiration from Lil Wayne, UGK, 2Pac, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on his latest project and classifies Bane as forever music for his fans to enjoy for many years to come!

We learn more about Chad’s passion for art and black history which influences his creativity with music and clothing line, Puro Fortes! Chad also shares details on his upcoming documentary entitled Self Inflicted, and his aim to normalize tattoos.

Listen to our full exclusive interview for more on Chad Conquering Lion and his latest release, Bane!

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Episode 84 -DAPPA- Can’t Let Geaux

Dappa visits DaTakeOver to share his journey and love for music, experience as a producer and rapper and vision for NOLA’s music scene. We learn how Dappa transitioned from playing musical instruments in high school to earning multi-platinum ringtone recognition and recently launching his record label, Fresh Music Group.

Dappa’s influences include Busta Rhymes, Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Outkast, and more. Dappa shares gems on learning the music business, and how he stayed active with production, songwriting, and embracing the role as a tour manager. Additionally, Dappa shares perspective on how to earn money as an artist, and the importance of building relationships with fans. He also encourages us to tap into our full potential and shares some of his personal “recreational” experiences that impacted his wisdom and outlook on life!

Listen to our full exclusive interview for more on Dappa and check out his new single entitled “Can’t Let Geaux.”

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Episode 83-The no friends episode with Calliope Bub & DaTakeOver

Calliope Bub aka B3 visits DaTakeOver to discuss his transition into the music scene, the importance of independence and ownership and staying close to his circle while building his brand with INC (International Corporation). Bub started freestyling and later began penning full songs when he took rap seriously and acknowledges Kayotic, Soulja Slim, and Jay Z as some of his early rap influences.

Bub shares how his work ethic and consistent grind helped him solidify his rap skills, and collaborate with artists such as the late BTY Youngin, Kevin Gates, and Curren$y. We also touch on music industry politics, publicity stunts by rappers, and rap deal structures. Bub speaks on the NOLA rap scene, and cultural contributions of Master P, Lil Wayne, and more.

Calliope Bub reflects on the Scarred for Life project, his single “Uncle Stunna” and the stamp of approval from Birdman, and also promises to release new music with the highly-anticipated Street Emotions Volumes 1 and 2 with more songs for his loyal female audience.

Listen to our full exclusive interview for more about Calliope Bub, and hear an exclusive track entitled “Fadeaway.”

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Episode 82-It was a Family Reunion

DaTakeOver sits down with Jakk Jo to discuss his underground grind in the rap game, and staying true to his craft as an artist, delivering a vivid uncut reality of New Orleans.  We learn of Jakk Jo’s musical influences on No Limit and Cash Money Records, and how his mother, the legendary Mia X, critiqued and helped him grow into a competitive artist with an unparalleled work ethic. Jakk Jo has even earned the likes of Ronald “Slim” Williams, who put him into Cash Money’s artist development program which allowed him to sharpen his skills.

Jakk Jo shares his ambitions of acting, the importance of hometown support, and even drops gems on health and fitness. After 12 mixtapes, he eludes to more music to keep NOLA street content relevant. Jakk Jo promises two new mixtapes are on the way and leaves us with a memorable freestyle to keep us awaiting the follow up to his Wohday Musik series! 

Listen to our full exclusive interview for more about Jakk Jo!

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Episode 81-Am I My Brother's Keeper

Andy Rebirth visits DaTakeOver for a powerful and uplifting conversation about his spiritual journey. We learn how Andy’s faith in Christ saved him from his previous path; Andy is a product of answered prayers and a living testimony of God’s grace!

Andy Rebirth opens up about being a former member of the Latin Kings, and how his daughter gave him hope while incarcerated. Andy has evolved and offers prayer and healing in communities affected by violence. He is now living his grandmother’s vision through ministry, and recently baptized rapper Cuban Link!

Learn how Andy Rebirth went from 23-hour lock-down to winning the NOLA Gospel Rap Artist of the Year award, and much more in our exclusive interview!

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YouTube: Church in the Streets TV
One Accord Ministries
7605 Westbank Expressway
Ste J, Marrero LA 70072

Episode 80 -Don't judge a book by it's cover

Jayarson visits DaTakeOver to share his personal experiences, transition into rapping, and most recent project entitled In the Meantime. Jayarson started off writing poetry and battle rapping before eventually taking rap seriously. He acknowledges Jay Z and Lil Wayne as his musical influences and his father as his life coach and mentor.

We learn of Jayarson’s military background, love for sports, and passion for self-improvement and education. Jayarson weighs in on rap feuds, the NOLA sports scene, and the importance for artists to understand the music business. He drops NOLA history knowledge and also chimes in on JAY Z’s 4:44!

Listen to episode 80 for more gems and Jayarson’s freestyle!

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Episode 79-Episode 80 -The Hip Hop Teacher

DaTakeOver links with Charlie V to discuss his love for hip-hop, art, and teaching career. Charlie V uses his story to connect with students and shares memorable gems that solidify his presence on NOLA’s hip-hop scene. Charlie V started drawing vinyl album covers and went on to connect with local emcees, and designing album cover art. He later went on to express himself through spoken word and stayed rooted to the community.

The hip-hop teacher relates to students with untold stories, and lyrics to help teach, mentor, and provide a platform for creativity and Joseph S. Clark Preparatory School. He touches on how rewarding his work is to him, and the opportunity to learn from his students. The Times-Picayune published a 2016 article on his classroom impact:

Learn more about Charlie V through our exclusive interview!

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Episode 78-Dee-1 Just Clocked in with DaTakeOver

Dee-1 visits DaTakeOver for episode 78 to discuss his rap journey and fourth album and soundtrack to your lifestyle entitled Slingshot David. We learn about Dee-1’s competitive nature, and how he used failures to motivate him to work harder. He explained how his drive in competitive basketball conditioned him to push himself as a rapper.Dee-1 acknowledged influences including Lil Wayne, his grandfather, and Ms. Minnie. He was vocal on his stance of the power of words, and artists using the media rather than allowing the media to use them. We learn Dee-1 is a child of god, and a man with purpose. His mother named him David and always knew he would be special. His genuine spirit helped him earn the likes and collaborate with a variety of artists including Lupe Fiasco, Big K.R.I.T., and Sevyn Streeter.Listen to the full exclusive interview for more!

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Episode 77-DaTakeOver sits with Tune$ The New Satchmo

DaTakeOver links up with Tune$ for episode 77 to discuss the growth in his rap career and new project entitled The New Satchmo. Tune$ reflected on his early days of rhyming at school on recess breaks, to finding his own sound, and making music based on love. He touched on the importance of having authenticity in music, and mentioned early influencers such as Anita Baker, Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gaye, and No Limit’s own Mac.

Tune$ addresses his stance on the mumble rap sub-genre, and says he finds valuable messages from a variety of artists. He also touches on the importance of building and destroying, and many more gems. Listen to the full interview for more!

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Episode 75-While You Wait Episode with O.G Blake Owens

DaTakeOver reconnects with O.G. Blake Owens on his legendary balcony to discuss his latest project entitled While You Wait. Blake describes the strategic release as a chess move and eludes to new music in the works. He opens up about being competitive early in his career, and how he has grown as an artist who focuses on his own brand. He also expresses admiration for his brother Will, the only rap feature on While You Wait, and the creative energy shared during the recording process.We learned about Blake’s views on dieting, education, sports, and the social impact of the Get Up and Ride bike movement. The O.G. dropped many gems, and touches on the importance of using your voice as a platform to make informed decisions. We learn about his band, New Orleans Most Wanted, apparel line, and much more during our exclusive interview!

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Episode 74-It Goes Down (My City) With Bronco & D.T.O

DaTakeOver sits down with EGMG’s own Bronco to discuss the path into his rap career, and most recent project entitled Big Easy Way. Bronco has a variety of musical influences, including Tracey Lee, Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G., and legendary artists from New Orleans such as Soulja Slim, Mystikal, B.G., and Mac. We also learned Bronco’s family has impacted him as his mother, grandmother, and siblings have inspired him as an artist with their respective talents.Bronco touches on the importance of having an original sound, and the opportunity for unity and support in the NOLA music community. He reveals a comical story of how he earned his stage name, and a few gems on relationship advice. Listen to the entire interview for more about Bronco, and check out his latest single, It Goes Down (My City).

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Episode 73-DaTakeOver reconnects with Bro. Muhammad

DaTakeOver reconnects with Brother Willie Muhammad at Muhammad Mosque 46 for an enlightening discussion about knowledge of self, ownership in hip-hop, and the progress of black people. Bro. Muhammad discusses the mission of the Nation of Islam; he teaches us self-improvement is the basis of community development. We learn to truly seek answers from the past to affect our future. We learn to leverage our hip-hop platforms to lead people and inevitably discussed Jay-Z’s critically acclaimed album, 4:44. Jay-Z raised the bar for artists to not only own their masters, but rethink how we release music. Bro. Muhammad closes with a heartfelt message for us to express love, and constructively resolve conflicts. He leads the Squash the Beef Hotline and has successfully resolved 45 conflicts in New Orleans. Listen to the full episode for more valuable gems. Follow Brother Willie Muhammad on IG: @truthspreader Twitter: @browm46 Muhammad Mosque 46 on Twitter: @Mosque46 Squash the Beef Hotline: 504-500-1706 Twitter: @BEEFSQUASH504 Mosque 46: 4201 Downman Rd, NOLA 70126

Episode 72-Brother Willie Muhammad!

Brother Willie Muhammad visits DaTakeOver for a powerful conversation about the current political climate, racial injustice, and how we must challenge the status quo for change. Bro. Muhammad explains the value in knowledge of self, and how we can evolve to be better informed. He acknowledges the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s influence and character, and to always seek truth and what’s right. Learn more on our exclusive interview. Follow Brother Willie Muhammad on IG: @truthspreader Twitter: @browm46 Muhammad Mosque 46 on Twitter: @Mosque46

Episode 71-J Lyric Loyalty Over Love

DaTakeOver sits down with J Lyric to discuss the beginning of his rap career, growth as an artist, and the meaning of his latest project entitled Loyalty Over Love. J Lyric’s main influences were 2 Pac and Nas. He admits to writing his first songs over Pac’s beats and aimed to make timeless music. He learned promotional strategies and collaborated with NOLA’s legendary UNLV, linked with Tru Records’ C-Murder, and has collaborated with MMG’s Rick Ross. J Lyric is wrapping up his documentary, and supporting the Viktori Collection’s apparel campaign. Learn more on our exclusive interview. Follow J Lyric on IG: @jlyric504_ Twitter: @jasonlyric and support the Viktori brand IG: @viktoricollection 

Episode 70-DaTakeOver sits down with Ze11a

DaTakeOver sits down with Ze11a to discuss his passion for music, inspirations, and latest project entitled 4What4U. His new album includes features with Mannie Fresh, Anderson .Paak, L.G. and Dee-1. Ze11a reflects on his West African and Afro-Cuban influences, and start as a percussionist at an early age. He later bought his own turntables, DJ’d at parties for friends, and joined the Flight School movement.Ze11a acknowledges his top rappers as the Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, and Juvenile, and has found inspiration from other legends such as Al Green, Bob Marley, the Beastie Boys, and the Last Poets. Learn more about how Ze11a hustled for equipment and a laptop to make beats, and earned his credibility as a producer and rapper on his exclusive interview with DaTakeOver. Follow Ze11a on IG: @Ze11a

Episode 69-DaTakeOver sits down with Rouge

DaTakeOver sits down with Algiers own Ciel Rouge to discuss his love for music production, rapping, and embracing southern hip-hop. Rouge’s influences include Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh, Andre 3000, Big K.R.I.T., and T-Pain. He opens up about including lessons from personal relationships in his music, and the importance of having an authentic New Orleans sound. Ciel Rouge has earned the likes of Mannie Fresh, and has collaborated with Talib Kweli while growing as an artist. Follow Ciel Rouge on IG: @rougegotdajuice

Episode 68-DaTakeOver sits down with Buzy to find out who is Buzy.

DaTakeOver sits down with Buzy to discuss his passion and vision for music and his videos. Buzy started rhyming in high school hallways, and quickly became an underground legend on a NOLA radio segment. Known for vivid storytelling and sharing his own struggles, Buzy learned to use music as his personal outlet to the world. Listen to our exclusive episode! Follow Buzy on IG: @buzy504

Episode 67-DaTakeOver sits down with Quest

DaTakeOver sits down with Quest and learns about his diverse and extensive musical background, which molded him into a multi-talented artist and entertainer. Quest’s influences include his mother, and artists from a wide spectrum such as 2 Pac, the Notorious B.I.G., Mannie Fresh, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Sade, Carlos Santana, and Tito Puente. Learn more about Quests passion for poetry, his theater background, and music production, which makes him one of NOLA’s rising stars! Follow Q on IG: @qthe7th Web:

Episode 66-DaTakeOver catch up with Sleazy EZ

DaTakeOver sits down with Sleazy EZ and talks about the current racial climate in America, and the importance of cultural unity and self-education. Sleazy EZ is unapologetically honest about her up-bringing, and support for the LGBT community. Learn how Snoop Dogg, Sugar Free and G Slimm influenced Sleazy EZ to start rhyming, and her upcoming project. 

Episode 65-DaTakeOver streamed live Wesley Bayas III

DaTakeOver streamed live with Wesley Bayas III to discuss the role that hip-hop plays in politics, and the current political climate of New Orleans. Bayas explained how his passion for politics began while he attended LSU and participated in protests. His excitement steered him into becoming a political influencer in New Orleans after graduating. Learn more about how to get involved and use your voice for change by listening to one of our most honest, and eye-opening episodes thus far. 

Episode 64-Jarrad paints DaTakeOver with his energy

Jarrad  sits down with DaTakeOver to discuss  his passion for art and how it is influenced by the Culture. Learn about his journey from a 15-year old tattoo artist to his time as a lyricist – and the experiences that have grown him as an artist who consistently gives back to his community. 

Episode 63-DaTakeOver was Motivated with Kendal Banks

Rapper, writer and producer Kendal Banks sits down with DaTakeOver to discuss his strong family influences that guided his transition into the hip-hop world. Listen as Kendal Banks tells us about taking home NOLA Music awards for Best Lyricist  in 2012 and 2013, his new project Motivated, and his new brand  — 3M.

Episode 61-Trill Will come to the DaTakeOver!

This episode was recorded at Case Closed Babershop with Jae Every Dae and Guest Host Jay Strick. We had manager of legendary New Orleans producer Mannie Fresh Trill Will. Will talks with the host about different current event topics in the entertainment industry to dropping gems on how to get in the music industry.

Episode 60-Da TakeOver With The Comedy Goon

DaTakeOver sits down with Mario P and learns about his early experiences that lead to his inevitable love for stand-up comedy. Influenced by Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac, and Cedric the Entertainer, Mario P chose a fitting profession to share his experiences and make his peers laugh. From school, to the corners, Mario P has always been a comedy goon. Learn more about his story in our exclusive episode.

Episode 59-DaTakeOver Sits Down with AK Da Protege

DaTakeOver releases on of the most authentic shows yet. We discussed everything from AK’s early days growing up in New Orleans, to starting his mackin’ aka rapping game in junior high school. His skills sharpened when he started college and formed the SMS crew, then dropped his first solo mixtape entitled Runway Fly. See more at!

Episode 58-Let's have fun! Jae Every Dae and Thedo

What happens when your guest doesn’t show? You get Jae and Thedo building in the building and having fun!

Episode 57-The energy was in the building with Hafree

DaTakeOver sits down with HaFree to discuss his trap rap style. And the energy he brings when he performing and building with other hot in upping coming artists.

Episode 56-It was a BlueMoon at DaTakeOver with DeeDay

DaTakeOver sits down with DeeDay to discuss his love for music and his transition from battle-rapping to writing bars. DeeDay opens up about losing his best friend and manager, Stana. He also discusses working with Kevin Gates and relationship with Kidd Kidd which resulted in a full joint project entitled Bluemoon. 


Episode 55-Rhymefest makes a surprise visit to the D.T.O

What happens when Grammy Award-winning songwriter, rapper and political activist Rhymefest makes a surprise visit to the DaTakeOver studio? You record one of the most epic impromptu interviews of all times. DaTakeOver sat down with Rhymefest to discuss music, politics and his love for New Orleans.


Episode 54-Todd Juluke Ambitionz Az A Ridah

DaTakeOver sits down with a Todd Juluke as he opens up about his life. Todd discusses the obstacles of being a son, brother, and father and most importantly turning his life around. Tune in to learn about his journey from drug dealing to drug abuse, and recently earning his Masters Degree. 


Episode 53-Ren Gettz Brings in Cold Summer with DTO

Listen as Ren Gettz discusses how his career sprung up from battle rap to later learning that writing bars and hooks is the essence of hiphop. His storytelling and style reminds us of the late Notorious B.I.G.  Check out his latest EP Cold Summer, and watch out for the future of his career. 

Episode 52-DaTakeOver sits down with C.I.T.Y. Chronicles

DaTakeOver sits down with C.I.T.Y. Chronicles. In this Episode DaTakeOver acknowledge another NOLA Underground Artist making noise from New Orleans to Houston back to New Orleans. C.I.T.Y. Chronicles catalog is only getting better with a Joint with, New York’s Savior, Dave East and hitting the scene in Houston meeting Producer Tony Dark. Tune in as C.I.T.Y. talks about his musical up bringing, influences in the rap game, what’s next for C.I.T.Y. and M.A.Q. takes C.I.T.Y. Chronicles to Rap Boot Camp. Tune In! 

Episode 51-Uptown an the Building with DaTakeOver

DaTakeOver sits down with Double G. With dropping Just Uptown Vol.1 + 2, Double G has the streets talking. Double G gets in depth about Just Uptown, is Health Conditions, EGMG LIfestyle, and what started him rapping. Tune in as Double G spits some heat in #After4BarsGoIn

Episode 50-DaTakeOver sits down with Rei The Imperial

DaTakeOver connects with Rei The Imperial for an exclusive Conversation. Rei discusses growing up in New Orleans, and rapping for Mystikal at an early age. Rei also opens up about influences like Kanye West and Manny Fresh. #WorstRapperAliveMixTape

Episode 49-The History of The soul Rebels

DaTakeOver sits down with The Soul Rebels. Well, maybe not all members but with Erion Williams, Saxophone Player. Due to scheduling, Erion was able to bless us with his presence to give DaTakeOver an insight of The Soul Rebels Band. In this Episode, Soul Rebel member, Erion talks on how The Soul Rebels got the name The Soul Rebels, the History of how The Soul Rebels started, Traveling, and Brass Band Culture. Tune in as you will find out about Soul Rebels members plus all of the Artist The Soul Rebels have performed with. Legends!! 

Episode 48- 4-20 came early!

DaTakeOver sits down with ShaoGrove. Got Weed? In this Episode ShaoGrove gives DaTakeOver a lesson on Marijuana, lol. Besides the Marijuana talk, ShaoGrove is one the most underrated groups in New Orleans. With their latest EP 1UP, they show you the growth in their music. Don’t sleep on them as ShaoGrove has bars for days, you can check them out in #After4BarsGoIn Tune In! 

Episode 47-Trapping with the Bartholomew Boyz

DaTakeOver sits down with the Bartholomew Boyz, TrapHouse Edition. In this episode you get three generation of hit makers. From Father/Grandfather, Dave Bartholomew, to Son/Father Don Bartholomew, and Sons Supa Dezzy, YC, and Trakka Beats. Listen as Don Bartholomew talks about how he started, fathers influence, and passing down “the game”  to his sons. Supa Dezzy and Trakka Beats creating their own sound and taking their music to the next level. Tune In as you enter the TrapHouse!

Episode 46-NOLA's First Hip Hop Photographer

DaTakeOver sits down with Polo the Photographer. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Polo has a lot to say. Since the late 80’s early 90’s, the Uptown Native has shot some of the most iconic images in NOLA Hip Hop and Culture. Tune In as Polo talks about his start, Cash Money, the culture of New Orleans and more.

Episode 45-Deeper than Rap!!

DaTakeOver sits with Brother Roosevelt Muhhamad. Brother Muhammad opens up about his life, on him meeting Minister Louis Farrakhan, Hustling, and most important Teaching the Youth! This Episode is one of the best by far. Tune In!

Episode 44-Axion Artist Collective stops by the "DaTakeOver"

DaTakeOver sits down with the Axiom Artist Collective, which consist of Ceaux Young, 3hree, Bryan Brown, and Jessica aka J Hands, the curators of Art Madness. Tune in as the Axiom Collective talk about their Style, Experience’s, and most important The Culture of ART. Mark your calendars “Art Madness Art Fedtival” will be March 18, 2017 at the Joan Mitchell Center 2275 Bayou Rd New Orleans LA 70119
Trust me, you do not want to miss this experience. #NOLA #ART Culture

Episode 43-DaTakeOver is Back

We Live Baby! After a long two weeks of Partying, Parading, and enjoying the NOLA Culture, MAQ & THEDO are back! In this Episode DaTakeOver just wanted to reconnect with its fans on the past two weeks with All Star + Mardi Gras being in New Orleans. Tune In as DaTakeOver is back! Trust me, you do not want to miss this experience. #NOLA #ART Culture

Episode 42-Cypha and KingIKeem stops by DaTakeOver

DaTakeOver Podcast sits with Cypha + KingIKeem of O.T.B. In this Episode MAQ & THEDO felt like it’s time to break Raw Talent! Cypha being the front runner of O.T.B. talks about who inspired him to rap, why he started producing his own records, to putting out 6 albums, and just being ahead of his time. KingIKeem is not that far behind, with the voice of Gods Son, trust me KingIKeem is ready. DaTakeOver represents all forms of Hip Hop and this is Hip Hop at its finest. Make sure to check out Cyph & Keem Spit Bars! #After4BarsGoIn

Episode 41-Welcome the Newest member of ROCNation

DaTakeOver sits with the Newest member of ROCNation, Don Flamingo. Flamingo was one of the first artist to bless DaTakeOver and to see his progress from than is great, especially for New Orleans. Tune in as he introduces EGMG to the world. #EGMGTakeOver #After4BarzGoIn

Episode 40-Big Boy talk with J-Dawg of Black Menace

DaTakeOver sits down with the Legendary OG, J-Dawg of Black Menace. OG J-Dawg didn’t cut any corners in this Episode, from Black Menace doing Gong Shows Big Boy Records, to his influences, plus more! 

Episode 39-The Art of Dj'ing with DJ Raj Smoove

DaTakeOver sits down with ” The Greatest DJ In The World” Raj Smoove. In this Episode Raj Smoove talks about where it started for him, the Art of Dj’ing, & staying relevant in the game. Tune In as Raj talks about his SQAD Days as well! 

Episode 38-Session with Fiend aka International Jones

DaTakeOver is back with another Dope Session with none other than Fiend, International Jones. In this Session Fiend takes us to Hollygrove to Harlem. From growing up down the street where Bounce was created to Rap Battling in Brooklyn. This Session is one you don’t want to miss. Tune In as Mr. Whomp Whomp brings us through his journey.

Episode 37-DaTakeOver + RSN = Legendary

This week DaTakeOver sits with CEO of RSN Entertainment, CD. DaTakeOver talks to CD about the start of RSN, the making of RSN Album 1 & 2, bringing Artist together, his love for sports, plus much more. Tune in as CD brings RSN out to Spit Bars on #After4BarzGoIn! 

Episode 36-DaTakeOver 2016 Wrap Up Show

No Guests! It’s just DaTakeOver Family. To wrap up 2016, DaTakeOver just wants to reflect on 2016, who’s behind the scenes, hottest freestyle , plus more! Tune In! Happy New Year from DaTakeOver!

Episode 35-DaTakeOver sits with Dinero of Da Goonz

Da Goonz are two kids out that Nickel with rap dreams. It couldn’t be done without Muscle. That’s where Dinero comes in. Dinero talks about where it started for him, learning the process, marketing , stepping back and taking big Bro/manager roll, and holding down Da Goonz as Bonka is going through a minor setback. Tune in as you will learn a lot  about this guy, Dinero. “I Always Knew” is out now! #FreeBonka

Episode 34 -Don't call it a comeback with Kourtney Heart

DaTakeOver sits down with the Beautiful, Lovely, so Talented Kourtney Heart. In this special sit down with K.Heart, Kourtney talks about her new Single “NUMB” which can be purchased on iTunes, where it all started for her, recording process, K.Heart Beats, being a role model and taking a break from music and finding the passion for music again. Tune In as K.Heart goes in on #After4BarzGoIn with DaTakeOver. 

Episode 33-DaTakeOver Sessions with KLC The Drum Major

DaTakeOver Presents Sessions with KLC The Drum Major. KLC the legendary producer talks about where it all started for him, Beats By The Pound, Dj’n in the projects, his first start with No Limit Records, and much more. Tune in as KL brings you through his life and times of No Limit Records as a producer. 

Episode 32-DaTakeOver sits with DJ EF Cuttin

DaTakeOver sits down with the OG Dj EF Cuttin. In this Episode EF talks on becoming a member of Pschoward, getting G hooked up with Spitta, being a BackPacker, and working with one of New Orleans favorite, MAC!! Tune in as they have Gems all through this joint.

Episode 31-Donnie Houston & Hot Peez brings Lagniappe to DaTakeOver

DaTakeOver sits down with Don-P. Don-P is a collab between Super Producer Donnie Houston and Rising Star Hot Peez. Donnie being from H Town and Hot Peez being from New Orleans, it is interesting to know how they met. Listen Up as Don-P takes you in there world. #Lagniappe out now.

Episode 30-DaTakeOver Sessions with Mannie Fresh

DaTakeOver Presents Sessions with the Legendary DJ/Producer Mannie Fresh. Listen to this amazing episode as Fresh drops gems and takes us on his journey from Dj’ing in his neighborhood, to Cash Money Records, to working with Kanye West, and more. Tune in as you don’t want to miss this one. Fresh also played us some records, could it be C5? 

Episode 29-Fee Banks SQAD UP with DaTakeOver

DaTakeOver sits down with Fee Banks. Fee is known to be Wayne’s right hand man, family. Fee talks about SQAD Days, his passion for Automotive’s, Fee working with Kevin Gates, to running his own Management Company, Good Money Global. Tune In! 

Episode 28-Blizzy aka TheFreshestDrummerAlive

DaTakeOver sits down with Blizzy aka #TheFreshestDrummerAlive In this episode Blizzy talks about how he started with the drums, connecting with G-Eazy, his clothing line Loyalty Club and much more. Tune In!

Episode 27-Nesby Phips knows Hip Hop!

Word to these Bo Jacksons. Nesby Phips the MC, Producer, Visual ARTist, Barber, & DJ stops by. Nesby talks about Jet Life, working with Ski Beats, Dame Dash, 0017th & much more. Tune In! 

Episode 26-DaTakeOver sits down with the OG Anthony "Big Boz" Boswell

For years, No Limit Records Vice President Anthony “Big Boz” Boswell has remained behind the scenes. Now, Boz in a rare sit down with DaTakeOver talks about the start of No Limit Records to the present of No Limit Records and everything in between. Tune in as the OG Boz, drops gems.

Episode 25-BLVD ETIQUETTE set up shop at DaTakeOver

This week BLVD ETIQUETTE aka BLVD BOYS came to talk about the “Welcome To New Orleans” event they put together with Abstract NOLA, going down October 6, 2016 in ATL at the A3C Festival. BLVD brought some Special Guest! Tune In! 

Episode 24-DaTakeOver Visit MadeGroceries in WahnTown

DaTakeOver Presents MadeGroceries. With MadeGroceries up on the rise, it was only right that we went Live for their new EP WahnTown. Tune in, you might not want to skip this one.

Episode 23-DaTakeOver kick back with Blake Owens on that Balcony Music

DaTakeOver sits down with Blake Owens aka John Doe. Blake talks about New Orleans Most Wanted days , Get Up & Ride NOLA, and Dj’ing Sometimes! Balcony music out now at 

Episode 22-Chase N. Cashe Raps with DaTakeOver

DaTakeOver sits down with Chase N Cashe. In this episode Chase takes us through his journey of success from moving to LA, to Harlem and back to NOLA. Listen up as Chase drops Gems!!! 

Episode 21-Chad Conquering Lion takes DaTakeOver on his Hip Hop Journey

DaTakeOver sits down with Chad Conquering Lion. Listen as Chad takes us on his journey from an Indie Artist from HollyGrove, becoming a Rastafarian, his love and passion for Hip Hop and most important I-AN-I projects with OG JUAN.

Episode 20-Kang Negus sits down with DaTakeOver

Negus aka Gus is an independent powerhouse. In fact, the 7th ward native is prepping to release his highly anticipated Sofas N Sodas project. Finally taking some time off from the studio, Gus sits down with DaTakeOver to talk about branding CGB , touring, mixtapes, and future projects. R.I.P. MuddyCupBuddy

Episode 19-DaTakerOver sits down with the Legendary Ceaux Young

DaTakeOver sits down with the Legendary Ceaux Young. Visionary, Creative, and Genius are just a couple of words to describe Ceaux Young. Listen up as Ceaux lets us in his creative world to talk about Music, Fashion, Art and even Tattooing. Ceaux drops some gems with DaTakeOver!

Episode 18-If you want to laugh listen to ShaddyFeelGood take the stage with DaTakeOver

You ain’t feel good to you Shaddy FeelGood! Top comedian coming from New Orleans traveling state to state delivering Funny! Shaddy talks on how he started in the game and where he sees himself going. Tune in, I promise you will be laughing! Til you Shaddy FeelGood

Episode 17-Brandon "B.Mike" Odums Paint a picture for DaTakeOver

DaTakeOver sits down with Artist/Activist “B.Mike” Brandon Odums. B. Mike talks about his passion for Art, How he started his journey from painting illegally to having his own Studio, and also working with Mannie Fresh and Mos Def. Wheres that album?! Tune In

Episode 16-DaTakeOver sits down with the Activist / rapper MidCity AB

DaTakeOver sits down with MidCity AB the rapper. Or Activist?! With AB we discuss everything from his writing short stories, to his creative short films, and how he started rapping, and his political views. With his latest Duo Project “Mississippi Riverlution” we also Gene Stanza in the building. If you haven’t heard Mississippi Riverlution we highly recommend it! 

Episode 15-Radio Shaq Brings The Source to DaTakeOver

When it comes to multimedia, Radio Shaq has the game on smash. Recently Shaq the writer has inked a deal with The Source magazine, as one of their forefront editors. Shaq also speaks about NOLA Hip Hop, what started his writing, and his love for music. Listen up as Shaq drops the Best Lyricist in New Orleans and his Top 5 in New Orleans. Tune In!  

Episode 14-Alfred Banks + DaTakeOver = Hip Hop

The past couple of months have been crazy for Alfred Banks. Just dropping A Beautiful Prelude EP, in memory of his Brother Orlandas Banks. Banks hits the road with his own Indie Tour with Dappa. Not to be done, Alfred Banks is featured in a Volkswagen Commercial in Europe. Tune in as Alfred Banks takes you on his journey out of the country, who influenced him, and what he has coming up next.

Episode 13-Maxx Painn tells DaTakeOver The Marquis Larue Story

Maxx Painn has been a strong force in N.O. Rap scene for the past year or two. After the release of The Marquis Larue Story 1, Maxx P reflects on his banner year, family, diligence, prison time, tour, and so much more. The Marquis Larue Story 2 Coming Soon!

Episode 12-Daniel Heartless initiate DaTakeOver to the Heartlee Gang!

DaTakeOver sits down with Daniel Heartless, Westside representer, and Heartless Gang Frontrunner. Daniel let’s DaTakeOver get in his world from Music, sports, schools, and family! Daniel also gave us Barz and let us be the first to tell you, he murdered Jay Z + Pusha T – Drug Dealers Anonymous! R.I.P. 💀⚰ 

Episode 11-Claire Bangser and her Reason for NOLABeings

THEDO changes the pace at the DaTakeOver with a visit from Claire Bangser, creator of NOLA Beings. Listen to Claire and THEDO talk about their mutual love for the city and how it inspires Claire’s work. 

Episode 10-Da GOD of the 5th Ward Bless DaTakeOver

5th Ward God, Paasky, was in the building! This was long overdue but right on time. DaTakeOver sits down with Paasky to discuss his mixtapes, upcoming music, health issues, and what made him a “Manchu Legend” and what Popeyes to go to in New Orleans and why. Can I tell you we had a good time with Paasky. Tune in as Paasky drops some gems and of course spit that heat in a cypher! 


Episode 9-Da NOLA League TakeOver Edition

This week The Commissioner, Alexis Miller aka Lex Boogie, came to talk about NOLA League Basketball Tournament, that will be going down July 2nd & 3rd at the Xavier Convocation Center. Lex Boogie brought Special Guest  that will be performing at The NOLA League such as Knick Gunna, Paasky, and Daniel Heartless. To get tickets to NOLA League Basketball Tournament head over to NOLALEAGUE.SPLASHTHAT.COM  P.S. MAQ had KNICK, PAASKY,, and HEARTLESS spitting barz! Can’t forget about Da Winners! Tune in! We did it for the city!  


Episode 8-Meet The Team

This week THEDO & MAQ from DaTakeOver share their history from starting there own record label/ managing  to starting DaTakeOver Podcast. 8 Episodes in, DaTakeOver would like to thank everyone who has been tuning in and spreading the love, we really appreciate it. #THEDO #MAQ .


Episode 7-Hot Peez brings the main dish to DaTakeOver

Hot Peez stopped by DaTakeOver to talk about his latest album White Hall and his upcoming projects. Listen to him speak about how New Orleans shaped his style and even christened him Hot Peez. HP also talks about his critically acclaimed single Cherish and the buzz around his new single with Don P (Donnie Houston), Magnificent.


Episode 6-DaTakeOver has a Twist of Fate with Twist X

Live from the Underground with the homie, our brother Twist X. With taking a break with his rap career, we get into where he started to where he is going. Twist falls in line with where Hip Hop is at right now. LYRICAL!!! Listen to the Podcast as he shows why he belongs in the game. Twist of Fate OUT NOW!!!! 


Episode 5-DaTakeOver gets down with the Sic Hop sound

Get down to the Sic Hop sound, everybody get down to the Sic Hop sound! Sic Hop trio , SicHop Ra, Mind of A.D. and The Producer Gl!nn! Sic Hop represents Hip Hop, Boom Bap Sound! Tune in as Sic Hip gives us their background, what music inspires them, Hip Hop talk, and just dropping knowledge! Can’t forget about the Live Performance!!!! Exclusive! 


Episode 4-Don Flamingo Takes Over "The Show"

Some may know him as “The Show”, Some know him as “Don Flamingo” anyway he was in the DaTakeOver Building! Don Flamingo gets in depth about his personal Life, the Series of #NevaSayDieSeries, and what the future holds for him. We can’t forget about the the new album “God Body” that will dropping soon produced by New Orleans own “Crack Tracks” Tune in as Don Flamingo also gives us some BARZ!!!!


Episode 3-DaTakeOver finally MadeGROCERIES!

With MadeGROCERIES rising from the underground. On the heels of their MG Parade, the ALGIERS trio are putting the industry on notice with their top song “That Yeah”! MauleySincyr, LandLord, and Oeauxneal gives us Food For Thought! Come get your Groceries Made with MadeGROCERIES! This shit was DOPE!!!! #RIPBEEZLE Photo By Delaney George


Episode 2-Meet New Orleans' King of the 5th Ward LG

LG sits down with THEDO and MAQ to discuss his career in rap, his ties to Baton Rouge and the birth of his daughter.The 5th ward is on the rise and LG is at the forefront of the New Orleans rap scene. DaTakeOver got a chance to chat with LG about his journey through the music game, record deals, who inspired him and how things usually tend to happen for him. When that’s all you do is give BARS, who can stop LG from spitting. Listen Now. Click below for the full interview. Photo By Delaney George


Episode 1-Mia X, New Orleans' Hip Hop royalty, graces the first DaTakeOver episode

There is no other way to launch a New Orleans influenced program like the DaTakeOver than to have the mother of it all on your debut. Mia X been there, done that, and has the plaques to prove it. With a career that spans over 20 years, Mia X discusses her influences to want to rap, her relationship with Mannie Fresh, history behind the classic “Da Payback”, Ghostwriting, No Limit and tons of more. Instead of resting on her laurels, Mia is adding to her legacy with the release of of her memoir “Things My Grandma Told Me, Things My Grandma Showed Me” Click here for the highly anticipated interview with Mia X.



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